Proven Steps to Create a New Amazon Account after Being Banned

Online shopping trend has changed the entire scenario in current time. This has turned as the most productive industry for last several years. We here are going talk about Amazon online store that occupies unique identification in term of internet based shopping platform.

Amazon enables people to create their personal account and conduct selling practices of their select products. Here main subject is to follow the applied rules and regulations by sellers. Any kind of interruption might be accountable for Amazon seller account suspension. Therefore taking a good care is necessary at all costs. Since the online fraudulent is also in swing and that is why the company wants the common customers feel free to shop online.

Howbeit Amazon keeps a pointed eye over the entire scenario and if it finds even the minor violation, it takes action immediately to ban Amazon seller's account. Therefore moving according to the typical rules of the company is mandatory at all costs. This initiative actually provides the platform to build trust among the customers. Thus sellers need to be very dedicated to follow rule quite attentively. Having insufficient knowledge usually causes issues for Amazon sellers and they become unable to access their account.

This seems as horrible and the only way leaves to find out the solution. Amazon seller account is completely a disappointing situation, and leads to obstruction in ongoing business. What should be done after getting banned? How to follow the strategy to create new account? These are some of the questions that need to be focused. Amazon seller account reinstatement process demands attentiveness up to great level.

Now to create another account, Amazon seller may opt to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, get to the contact us option
  • In the second step, make click on selling on Amazon then choose your account and after that choose the other account problems.

With a view to have each step get accomplished smoothly, you will be required to put all pieces of information based on authenticity. For the purpose of having approval, you would a subject to state following things:`

  • You must carry separate bank account for each seller central account. The presence of various seller account is not approved which are being run on the same bank account within a specific region.
  • Further each account should have separate email address to proceed ahead in the process.
  • The products and services which are being sold in each account must vary from each other.
  • Apart from these, performance metrics should be in good standing
  • Now you will get response for the request within 2-3 business days.
  • One aspect is notable that failure to meet any of these may result into the termination of account.

Let's know about the Prohibited seller activities and actions:

The rule for prohibition of certain seller's activities and actions has been made to maintain the selling practices in safe mode. There are specific terms and conditions to let the entire phenomenon go in appropriate way.

What are those activities which should not be done by Amazon sellers?

The first one is attempt to divert transactions or buyers: Amazon sellers are not allowed to circumvent the already existing Amazon sales process to another website. They are specifically forbidden to put any advertisements, marketing messages or call to action that lead prompt.

The availability of unauthorized and inappropriate business names: Your business name must be a name that recognizes you. It should not be misleading at all. In addition to this, Amazon sellers don't have permission to make use of business name that holds an email suffix such as .com, .net, and so on.

The conduction of inappropriate email communications: It is highly restricted to make use of unsolicited emails to Amazon customers to prevent any kind of unwanted situation.

Further making use of ratings, feedback and reviews in improper way is also prohibited: Since the ratings and feedback features enables users to assess the overall performance of seller that helping developing the Amazon reputation in marketplace.

As far as reviews are concerned then it comes under the most important aspect. Therefore it is necessary to keep checking the types of reviews as it greatly affects the status of Amazon.

The tendency for misusing sales rank:

Since the best seller rank attributes enables buyers to make evaluation of popularity of the product. Therefore any kind of manipulated is not allowed for this subject. Amazon seller account suspension cannot accept the fraudulent orders under any circumstances.

Apart from these, Amazon seller is not allowed to misuse for search and browse:

Usually when customers make use of Amazon's search engine and browse structure then most often they have expectation to see relevant and accurate data. Thus any kind of changes has not been allowed as per the Amazon's applied rules.

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